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Your Sacred TransformationalJourney
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The life-changing plant medicine program
to anchor profound transformations

This Deep Transformational Program
is for you when:

  • you desire profound lasting changes, breakthroughs and shifts

  • you want to change the narrative of a prior (negative) plant medicine experience or are searching a safe space to work with plant medicine for the first time

  • you want to do deep inner work and dive into your multidimensional layers




You long for profound sustainable transformation, renewal, spiritual growth. You long for healing on deeper layers. Or maybe you want deeper fulfillment and purpose. You are familiar with spiritual development, exploring your inner world and parts of your consciousness and you have already made big shifts.


Plant medicine has been calling you for a while. But you’ve never joined a ceremony or perhaps have had a negative experience. Therefore you feel some inner resistance and feel anxious to participate in a ceremony. You find it super exciting and have many questions and doubts. And you haven’t yet found the right place, setting or group. You need a safe space and close guidance to (re)start your plant medicine journey.


You want to work with plant medicine to sink deeper into grand life themes. Have a look from new perspectives in multiple layers. And integrate the insights so that you can live your fullest potential and contribute to a new world.


And now you feel a calling you can’t deny. You feel your soul’s need to work with plant medicine. You want full support from A to Z. And you are serious about taking time and responsibility to integrate for anchoring profound transformational shifts.


because we believe an holistic approach will have a lasting impact on Your Sacred Transformational Journey 

 A Plant Medicine Integration Program

As Integration starts the moment you decide to partake in a plant medicine ceremony


3 month program:

  • that will facilitate 4 live ceremonies with Cacao, Psilocybine and Psilohuasca.

  • that supports you with amazing masterclasses and practices: chakra psychology, breathwork, from womb to world, meditations, music & more.

  • where you will be taught how to embark your plant medicine journey with excitement and trust.

  • that will guide you from A-Z buildup in steadily phases, so you will get familiar with working with plant medicine.

  • that teaches you how to go inwards.

  • where you will grow into trusting yourself, plant medicine, the group and the facilitators.

  • that guides you to build (self-)confidence on how to carry your inner processes while being in the force of plant medicine.

  • that teaches you how you can depend on your selfhealing abilities.

  • with on- and offline support. From intake to the maturing processes and anchoring your experiences.

  • will transform you into your highest potential that is waiting to be seen to contribute and build the new world in increased personal frequency.


You have used plant medicine before but
have had a negative experience
you want to go deeper into your journey.

You've never worked with plant medicines before, but have done lots of inner and spiritual work. You feel that plant medicine will take you to a next level.

You are committed to walk this 3 month path and deep transformational journey.

You hear - what they call -
'a plant medicine calling'
but have 
many questions and doubts.


You feel that you want to go in fully prepared and integrate in a deep and sustainable way.

You want to experience group support and contribute to a future service that will help many others on their transformational journey.


A new plant medicine integration program

Buildup in
4 phases

This new program is a life changer. It is a plant medicine journey with a 4-phase buildup where we walk with each other through every phase. There will be a buildup towards a Teachers Plant retreat, divided in 3 ceremonial events: Cacao, Psilocybine and Psilohuasca (2 nights).

This new program is more than a healing journey where you discover how to transform your triggers, patterns & upsets. You will also learn how to prepare yourself best for a transformational ceremony. It will teach you how you can carry your inner journey and processes. How to ground yourself in the aftermath and give ground to your insights so you can integrate all you have experienced.


Your consciousness will expand on different layers and levels.

 Phase 1:

Screening, Program Explanation & Meeting

Stepping into this program means you are committed to this journey.


We take every subscription seriously and will screen applications thoroughly and will give you feedback on your intake.


In this phase we’ll navigate you through the steps of this sacred journey.  We’ll collect and answer your questions. You will meet the guides and fellow participants. And we’ll open our hearts with beautiful Cacao.

Phase 2:

Motion & Preparation

You will notice that your decision to partake will set emotions, feelings, energy and thoughts in motion. Noticing these, are to be seen as signals and synchronicities that are mostly in alignment with the processes you’re going through. 


When moving towards the pinnacles of this Scared Journey we will share info and insights about how to prepare yourself in terms of e.g. lifestyle, food and intention.

Through masterclasses we will help you deepen the understanding of different life topics e.g. chakra psychology and cellular womb imprints. Practices like meditation and breathwork will support you towards and after our ceremonies.

Phase 3:
Grounding & Integration

Working with plant medicine means to clean and free yourself from personal blockages and ballast: you are working on increasing your personal frequency.


After a sacred plant medicine Journey and traveling through higher realms and the depths of your consciousness, it’s important to give ground to all that you have perceived and observed.


A plant medicine experience requires space and attention. We will support and guide you to reflect on the insights and challenges you’ve experienced, which is needed for the integration.

Phase 4: 


Together we’ll review your personal journey, processes and liminal state in between ceremonies.


We’ll evaluate your needs. Look back at your original intention, adjust and deepen when needed and we’ll celebrate your breakthroughs, shifts and transformations.

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Ourobouros Alamin (2).png
Your Sacred TransformationalJourney

participants of

hear a clear plant medicine calling and are committed to take full ownership of deep inner work,

to raise their vibrations and become their own unique paradigm through this Sacred Transformational Journey.

Mutual Exchange

Since this is the first edition, we'll walk, shape & sculpt this new 3-month program together. There is a higher cause to this program: your input and feedback is of great value for further development of this container & framework. For the next generations of participants. And for the growing psychedelic community that needs to be kept Safe & Sacred at all times.

So, for the purpose of this new 3 month program, it's important that you’re willing to share about your inner world with us. To raise your personal frequency and to serve a higher cause that goes beyond oneself. Commitment, consciousness, respectfully taking responsibility for your processes and being open about reflections are key for participation.

The needs of your journey will be the center of this program and will be monitored & (anonymously) documented continuously. This will always be connected and infused with Integrity, Safety & Sacredness.


We believe in the healing powers of plant medicine and how they contribute to a new world. Most of us haven’t been brought up with knowledge about healing plants from rainforests and what Mother Earth has to offer. Therefor we feel the need to build a bridge between ancient cultures and our Western world.


In order to prepare, integrate and make a safe and sacred inner journey in a dito environment, we need to fully understand the healing powers of these mystical plants and how to harness them. This process requires support, time, responsibility and love. We've made it one of our missions to investigate how we can truly support those who hear their calling, in the best way possible.


Are you ready to (re)start your journey and tell us what you need along the way? Than join our new 3-month program starting March 22nd.

Integration starts the moment you decide
to answer your plant medicine calling
and join a plant medicine ceremony




Day Ceremony: 

Integration Café: 

Weekend Retreat:

22 March 2023

22 April 2023

20 May 2023

16-17-18 June 2023


in your Sacred Journey


excl. vat

max 8 participants

pay in 3 instalments possible


Hosted by
Dewi Lo
uise &

Haydi Moustafa

Dewi Louise, Co-Founder and Co-Owner of House of Louise². One of her expertises within House of Louise²'s 'Plant Medicine Chakra Year Program' is INTEGRATION.

Dewi is Psychotherapist Systemic Work and comes from an Asian line of Medicine Women. She has been working with plant medicines and several shamans for the past 5 years. She will teach you how she carries her own inner processes and will guide you through yours. She is an expert in the transformation of dark to light and therefore one of a kind in the workfield.

Haydi Moustafa, Co-Founder of this new program and Visionair. Haydi has experienced the healing powers of plant medicines during many stages of her life. However she couldn't find the support information, preparation and integration she desired, in order to dive deep and truly integrate. She has made it one of her missions to create a sacred and safe space for those that are ready to take full responsibility for their own healing journey and provide all needed support and tools.

Things grow stronger when you integrate

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